Hi, I'm Jamera McNeil.

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I'm a Software Engineer who is passionate about creating digital products that are accesible, inclusive, and enjoyable for all.


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Black Jeopardy is a browser-based game that quizzes users on topics related to Black culture.
Languages: Javascript, CSS and jQuery.

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Visibily+ is a full CRUD app for plus-size folks that showcases brands that sell clothing in extended sizes.
Languages: Node.js, Expres.js, MongoDB, Mongoose, and EJS

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Gather is an event-planning app that allows users to create and track different types of events.
Languages: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, and React.js.

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Booksnob is a responsive web application that allows book-lovers to browse and add their favorite books.
Languages: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, and React.js

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